Lemon essential oil to the rescue!

You know when you buy something and it has a superglue-grade sticker on it and no matter how carefully you try to take it off you get that nasty, sticky residue? Well, I am here to tell you Lemon essential oil can help.

I tried to get the sticker off my notebook and it left the stickiness behind. I put a drop of Lemon on the book and rubbed a cotton ball on it. The sticker disappeared like magic. All the stickiness was gone. You can use lemon to get stickers off glass and mirrors too.

Lemon can also be used to deal with grease. If I ever get some grease on my hands, I just put a drop of Lemon essential oil on my hand and rub it on the grease spot. It comes off right away. If it is really stuck on, then I will wash my hands with soap after putting on the oil and the grease is gone. It doesn’t hurt my skin at all.

I also use it to get rid of grease when washing the dishes. I will add it to the soapy water when I am cleaning something especially greasy (think: lasagna). I add it to my Thieves cleaner so that my kitchen is sure to get clean when I’ve got greasy counters or a bit more of a mess than usual.

Another great use for Lemon is to help when you aren’t feeling so great. You can use it to reduce the symptoms of cough and cold. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

It smells so great too. It’s such a cheerful scent.

Let me know if you’d like to get your hands on some…I can help!

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