What will your story be?

2017 is ending. 2018 is almost here. Will 2018 be the year that you look back on as the time when you really turned your life around? Will it be the the year that you actually accomplished your goals and stuck to your resolutions? Will it be the year that you lost the weight you’ve been telling yourself that you were going to lose year after year? Will it be the year that you decide to really start taking care of yourself and make changes that you know will make you healthier and happier? Will it be the year that you decide to start learning a new skill or trade? Will 2018 be YOUR year?

A new year has so much promise. It is the chance to wipe the slate clean. It doesn’t matter what happened in the prior year or years. You only need to look forward. You can’t change the things you’ve done. You can change your plan of attack for the future.

Some people reflect on the prior year and look at the things they’ve accomplished. Or, they look back on the prior year and see all the things they wanted to do but didn’t quite get to. If looking back is going to help you create a plan to achieve your goals then that’s helpful. If looking back is just going to make you feel disappointed in yourself, don’t. Just move forward.

Create your story – the way you want it to be written

Your life is your story. You are the main character. You can make things happen. If you haven’t been happy with the outcome so far, make some changes. They don’t have to be drastic. They can be small. Just making changes like walking to a bus stop that’s a block away from where you normally go to get a bit of exercise can make a difference. You can build on that change and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Every day is a new opportunity to make your life fit more of what you want it to be. Do you want to be healthier? Every meal is an opportunity to make good choices. The choice could be real food over processed. Less carbs over a big sandwich. Fruit instead of a candy bar. Water instead of pop. There’s a ton of ways you can make small differences.

Take a couple of minutes before the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve to think about how you want the next year to play out. Do you want a raise? Do you want a better social life? Do you want to lose 20 pounds? Do you want to gain muscle? Do you want to travel to a new place? Try to come up with at least one goal and think about how you can make it happen. It will give you something to work for and to look forward to.

I hope you all have an exciting and rewarding 2018!

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