Get ready for the resolutions!

You know they are coming. You know you are going to make some New Year’s resolutions. This year, you tell yourself, you will actually accomplish them. Or, at least that’s what you are telling yourself.

I am making a list of resolutions. In the past, like so many other people, I have created resolutions only to give up on them before the end of January. Sometimes, before the end of the day. Not this year. This year is going to be different. This year I am going to achieve what I’ve determined are my goals.

How? How is this year going to be different?

One word: Planning.

In the past, I have come up with goals and resolutions but never actually thought about how I was going to achieve them. I thought that if I came up with them and even wrote them down that would be enough to magically make them happen. So far, that approach has not worked out for me. I know you are as surprised as I am to find that out.

So, in 2018, I am taking a new approach. Not only am I coming up with some resolutions I am also figuring out the steps that I need to take to make it happen. I am also being realistic about the time frame.

For example, I want to lose 50 pounds. That’s a big goal. This goal will take a lot of planning because a number of events have to happen to make me achieve it. I have to do the following:

  • Eat better foods
  • Exercise more
  • Sleep more
  • Drink water

Okay, now that I have come up with four categories that I have to improve on to make it happen I also have to hold myself accountable. I have to break down these four categories to mini-categories to actually achieve them. The less thinking I have to do about how to reach the overall goal, the better. I have to make achieving it become part of my everyday activities.

That’s where an accountability chart comes into play. I have a set of mini-categories that I need to achieve every day, like walk 10,000 steps, drink 100 oz water, take supplements, go to bed by 10 pm, eat an apple a day, make healthy eating choices, etc. I can check off the category each day and see my progress.

If you want your own chart, get it here: Consistency is Key goal tracker

For an extra dose of accountability, I have created a Facebook group called “Consistency is Key”. You can join by: Clicking here.  It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and link up with others who want to achieve their goals too. I hope to see you there.

I wish you all success in achieving your New Year’s resolutions! Comment below to let us know what they are. Studies have shown that writing down your goals increases the odds of actually achieving them.

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