Best friends or worst enemy?

When you think about your relationship with yourself do you treat yourself as a best friend or do you treat yourself worse than your worst enemy? If you are like most people, you would say you are nicer to pretty much everyone else than you are yourself.

Stop it! Seriously.

Why do you do that? You are a unique individual. You are the only you that there is and you are doing a pretty amazing job at it. Give yourself some credit. I’m sure there are other people out there that love you and think you are pretty darn cool or nice or awesome or thoughtful or a number of other things. Why don’t you take a second to think about why they see that?

The next time you feel like putting yourself down do yourself a favour and think of one great thing about you. I know there are a ton of things, but focus on one. I know one right off the bat. You are smart. You are reading this blog after all.

It is time for you to start saying nice things to yourself. Think about what you would say to your friend. Think about what your friend would say to you. Would they call you stupid or fat or ugly? I’m willing to bet that they wouldn’t. You shouldn’t say those things about yourself either. So you don’t wear the perfect size 6 jeans. Who really cares? No one. So your teeth aren’t perfectly straight. Does anyone really care? No. The things that you criticize yourself about most are things that others don’t really care about.

Sure, there are some self-centered ignorant people out there that only care about superficial things, but don’t worry about them. They aren’t worrying about you.

Make it a habit – complete a challenge

I challenge you to set a timer on your phone for every two hours. When the alarm goes off, think about one thing you really like about yourself. Do this for 30 days. Make it a different thing every time. Once the month is up I guarantee you will have a better relationship with yourself and you will appreciate all the awesome characteristics about yourself that make you truly you. Bonus points for writing them all down!

I’m going to do it. I’ll report back on December 15 about how my perspective about me has changed.

If you are having a hard time thinking of something then use the 5 Second Rule to count backwards from 5 and think of first thing that comes to your mind.

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