DIY dry shampoo

Did you know it is super easy to make dry shampoo? Did you know that dry shampoo actually works? Those are two things I didn’t know before this weekend. I have heard so many people talk about how awesome dry shampoo is. I thought that it was great for them, but it wouldn’t work for me because my hair gets quite oily quite quickly. I will happily admit that I was wrong. It does actually work.

My hair looks dirty and oily if I don’t wash it daily. I hear about people having two- and three-day hair and I am envious. I know it isn’t good to wash your hair every day, but it is a hard cycle to break when your hair is too oily to step out in public. I end up washing it every day.

I have seen dry shampoo for sale at Costco and other stores and never thought about buying it because I didn’t think it would really work. So many people talk about it though as such a time saver that it had me a bit curious.

I have had a recipe to make dry shampoo for a while, but didn’t think it would be worth the time or ingredients. The other day I  had to go somewhere and didn’t have time for a shower. I remembered the recipe and thought now was as good a time as any to give it a shot.

Making DIY dry shampoo is so easy. It makes me feel a bit silly that I waited so long to actually make and try it. After I gathered the ingredients, it took about 3 minutes to make it.

Here’s what you need:

1/4 cup corn starch
1 tbsp baking soda
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 drops each of Tea Tree, Cedarwood and Rosemary essential oils
glass shaker bottle

Here’s what you do:

Mix all the ingredients in the shaker bottle and shake until everything is mixed. Shake onto scalp at roots and massage into scalp and hair. Let sit for 2 to 3 minutes to absorb the hair oils. Brush your hair and style as usual. It’s that quick and easy!

The cocoa powder is used for darker hair. If you don’t use it then you might see a white powder in your roots and that won’t look all that great. The shampoo absorbs into your scalp so you don’t really see it anyway, but the cocoa just helps it blend better.

The baking soda and corn starch help absorb the oils on your hair and scalp. The Rosemary, Tea Tree and Cedarwood essential oils help your hair health and make your hair smell great.

I have used baby powder it the past to try and get some of the oil out of my unwashed hair and it worked a bit. Not great though. That\s how I thought the dry shampoo would be. It wasn’t anything like the baby powder. My hair was dry, easy to manage and looked clean.

If you’ve ever thought about trying dry shampoo, you should try this recipe. I think you’ll be happy with it. I’m sure you’ve got most of the ingredients kicking around the kitchen. As far as the essential oils go, if you don’t already have them you can order them through Young Living. Just click on the Order Oils tab to place an order.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy this recipe.


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