Just get out

It is so easy to stay in our comfort zones. It feels nice there. Why would we leave? We are comfortable, after all. The funny thing is that the comfort zone you are in right now has evolved from other comfort zones. This is just a temporary stopping point. You will move on. It can be hard and it can be scary. It can sound like a terrible idea. But, more times than not, moving to a new zone is a good idea. You can always go back to your old one, but it is rare that people do.

I have been traveling and it is a nice reminder that my comfort zone isn’t the end all, be all. There is so much out there for me if I would just take a couple of steps. I took a road trip from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada to Denver and am now in the process of flying home. Driving is a great way to see the country – both Canada and the United States. We weren’t in Canada for much of the trip, but seeing the mainland and how it differs from the place I live is a reminder that things are always happening and always moving. There is really no standing still.

Driving in the United States through six states gave me a chance to see different landscapes, different towns, amazing scenery and traffic jams. There are all kinds of different people living in the areas that I drove through. They are all living their lives and they have different ideas of what their comfort zone is.

This got me thinking. There are so, so many people out there with so many different ideas of how they should live their life. As I sit in the Seattle airport waiting for my next flight I am surrounded by thousands of different people all doing different things. They are traveling to see family members, to go to weddings, to go to funerals, to go on vacation, to just get away. Not one of the people are just like me. So, if that’s the case, why do I worry so much about what other people think? The people in the airport are rushing by me. I saw them for a split second and will probably never see them again. Sure, I may wonder about some of the people I see and be confused by what they are doing. For example, I wondered why the 40 plus year old woman was wearing pajamas. But hey, she’s comfortable. Maybe that was her goal.

Sitting here, surrounded by all these people, made me think about why I worry so much about what others think. Really, it is a losing proposition. If I worried about what everyone thought then I couldn’t do a thing because someone surely wouldn’t like what I was doing. Then, if I wasn’t doing anything someone wouldn’t like that. So, I might as well do whatever I want. I might as well live my life like I want. I might as well evolve my comfort zone to the next stage in my life.

For a while I was afraid to talk about essential oils because I was worried about what people thought about me talking about them. The thing is, I love them. I use them all the time. I feel better for including them in my daily routine. I sleep better, I have better hair and skin, my teeth are whiter and cleaner. I have experienced so many benefits through using them that I should want to shout it from the rooftops. Yet, when I go to share about them I stop myself. I don’t want to sound salesy. I don’t want people to not listen to what I am talking about to think that I am trying to sell them something. I am just excited about them. I want everyone to give them a try to see if they like them too.

If I go to a restaurant that I really liked I share that. If I see a movie that I like I share that. Essential oils are so much more than just a meal or a couple of hours of entertainment. They can truly help people. I have read stories from multiple people to see how they literally changed their lives. I am lucky in the fact that I don’t need to oils to be a miracle for me. They are simply helping me live a healthier life one day at a time. I have made some rollers and other recipes to share with others when I think they need them and it makes me really happy when they have a positive outcome.

I have to get out of my comfort zone that houses my fear of sharing because I am afraid of what others think. The thing is, everyone is too wrapped up in their own lives to really worry about others. I have to remember that. I have to do what I want to do because that is what is going to make me happy. I am never going to be happy trying to please other people. There are way too many people out there to please. It is exhausting. I might as well only worry about me.

If you have questions about essential oils, please send me a question. I would love to help you out. I think they are great and, like I said, I use them daily for a number of things.

Thanks for reading.

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