Well, that didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I had all of these grand plans on how the month of August was going to be an amazing turning point in my life. I was armed with the 5 Second Rule and was ready to go. Then, well, my old habits took over.

My lack of success in follow thru had nothing to do with the 5 Second Rule and if it worked or not. I know it works. I did use it on occasion to pull myself out of my comfort zone and do things that I didn’t necessarily feel like. The funny thing is that after I did those things I was happy that I made myself do them. Leading up to them I was uncomfortable, but once they were done I was pretty happy that I’d made myself follow through.

The reason my August didn’t turn out as successfully as I wanted is because of me. I was either too lazy, spent my time focused on other things or just didn’t feel like giving the effort that was needed. Now I sit here feeling like a month of my life was wasted because it started out with such potential to end up just like any other month. The problem with me, is me. I didn’t feel like doing some things so I didn’t. I knew that if I implemented the rule then I’d have to do those things. So, I took the easy road and didn’t count backwards. I just continued in the same direction I’d been heading.

In the “5 Second Rule” book, Mel Robbins talks about feeling like doing something and the fact that you’ll never actually feel like doing some things. That doesn’t matter. You need to do them anyway. That is the only way you will grow and achieve the things you want. No one is going to show up at your door and give you the life you want. You have to stop sitting on the couch waiting for the knock at the door that will change your life. You’ve got the ability to change everything right now. You just have to do it.


The thing about learning about the 5 Second Rule is that you can’t unlearn it. You know it is there and how powerful it is if you actually use it. I told my friend about it and she feels the same about it as me. We know it is a powerful tool, but we almost wish we didn’t find out about it because we have no excuses. There were a couple times last month that I started making an excuse to her as to why I couldn’t do something and she would just say, “ just do it.” My only response would be, “I know.”

It is such a simple rule, but it has such powerful implications. The problem is that even though you know about it you still have to make yourself use it. Just like you know that eating ice cream sundaes every day isn’t really good for you but you have to make yourself not eat them.

What’s next?

After looking back at August and seeing that there were so many chances to make little changes I am even more determined to make September a great month. I don’t care if I don’t feel like doing something. If it pops into my head, it needs to be done. Plain and simple. I need to go with my gut and get off my butt. (ha-ha!) So much can happen if I put in a little effort and focus on my goals.

Just wait September! I am going to crush you!

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