30 Days of Counting Backwards – Day 2

Do you stand in your own way? Do you have goals that you want to reach but you just can’t seem to make them happen? I know I do. I know that sometimes I get in my own way because I don’t feel like doing something. I let my feelings of doing it surpass my desire to reach a goal. It’s pretty lame, but true.

I am using the 5 Second Rule to get out of the habit of letting what I feel at the moment dictate if I am going to be successful at something or not. Your feelings are something that Mel Robbins talks about in her book, “The 5 Second Rule”. She says that you shouldn’t let your feelings complicate things. There are things you know you should do, but don’t because you don’t feel like it. Letting my feelings rule my achievements is a very bad habit.

I am very good at putting things off that I don’t feel like doing at the moment. I know they have to be done, but instead of doing them when they first come to mind I put them off and then later, when they absolutely have to be done, I am in a frenzy trying to get things done in time. I know full well that I could have avoided this panic if I’d just done the thing earlier. I continously repeat this behaviour. I have to stop.

Yesterday, I realized that I needed to buy an anniversary card for my parents. I have plans to see them on Friday so I needed to be sure I had a card before then. I was in the store and walked right by the cards and thought, “oh yeah, I need to buy a card.” Then, I kept walking. I thought about the cards and didn’t feel like buying it right then. I told myself that I could buy one later in the week. Why did I do that? I do that kind of thing all the time. I was already at the store and could have bought the card and been done with it. Or, I could leave the store without a card and then have to make a special trip to the same store later in the week specifically to buy a card.

I told myself that this was enough. I had to stop doing this type of thing. I used the 5 Second Rule and counted backwards from five and made myself take action. You know what? I bought the card. Now it is off my To Do list. I don’t have to worry about it again. I don’t have to panic remembering to get to the store. It’s done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I know this is a super simple example of using the 5 Minute Rule, but I need it for things like this. I make myself have to work harder at things, make special trips to buy things, end up buying things at the last minute because there’s a deadline and generally adding extra pressure to basic tasks.

This example just deals with how I put off every day tasks. Imagine how much I hold myself back when trying to reach a lofty goal. I am working on it. I have recognized that I do this and am not giving myself any more excuses. I am really excited to see what I will achieve in August!

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