30 days of counting backwards – Day 1

Today is August 1. I love the first day of a new month. The slate is clean. All of the goals that I set the previous month (and didn’t meet) are forgotten. Day one of a month feels like there are so many possibilities.

The Rule

To use the 5 Second rule all you have to do is count backwards from 5 and then take action. It is a way to get yourself moving. It is a way to make yourself stop doing something. It is a way to stop worrying about how you feel and just take action. By counting backwards it affects your prefrontal cortex and therefore your thought process.

5-4-3-2-1…let’s go!

This month is different. This month I am counting backwards and using 5 Second Rule to really make things happen. There are a number of areas that I am going to be improving this month and, because the rule works with everything, it is possible to achieve them all!

    1. Weight loss – I weighed myself this morning and it was a less than pleasant experience. Let’s just say that improvement is definitely needed. I am not going to dwell on a number on the scale, but I will record how much I lose on August 31. There will be a loss. Mark my words! I am going to use the rule to help me eat healthier.
    2. Water intake – I tell myself every morning that I am going to drink 100 oz of water per day. I even start to track in the morning. Then, at the end of the day, I go to bed not reaching such a simple goal.
    3. Consistency – I have great motivation at the beginning of the month and then my enthusiasm dwindles. I am tired of fighting the same fight every month. I am going to use the rule to check in with myself and take small actions to ensure that I reach my goals. My goals don’t have to be some lofty unattainable things. Some of my goals are simple, like posting to Instagram daily or writing in my blog daily. I have great intentions but lack follow through. The 5 Second Rule is going to help me change that.
    4. Writing – I have had a novel stuck in my head for about 20 years. I keep thinking about the story and once in a while I decide to let part of it out. I really, really want to write it but I really want to be lazy. I have to let the want to write win over the want to be lazy. Here’s where the rule will come in and help me succeed.

It’s time to take action! 5-4-3-2-1 – GO! Have a super productive, happy day!

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