Liquid courage

Some times you need a little help. You need to relax and take a breath. You need to know that you are strong and everything is going to be alright. You need to take a step back and not be overwhelmed by deadlines and questions and requests. Sometimes I need to remind myself to settle down and that everything will get done in time. That’s what I use this little roller bottle of liquid courage for. Some people drink to get courage and bravery, but I don’t think that’s appropriate for work so I had to come up with another solution.

I combine 6 drops of Stress Away and 6 drops of Valor in a roller bottle with Sweet Almond Oil. Stress Away has Copaiba and Lime it in and smells fresh. Valor has Spruce, Frankinsence and Rosewood in it. It smells like blueberries. The combo is delicious. I rolled it on my wrists and forearms this morning. I don’t know how many times I smelled my wrist on the way to work. It was like a beautiful perfume with secret powers.

I diffuse Stress Away at night for bedtime with Lavender and Frankinscence. It smells awesome and I swear both my husband I are are sleeping more soundly. Even my dog hasn’t woken me up in the night lately. That in itself is fantastic!

I recommend getting some Stress Away. It is such a great oil that I use on a daily basis. I just love the smell and the calming feeling it gives me when I use it.

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