Time management & the Tupperware cupboard

Bear with me here. This might not make sense at first. But, as you’ll see, equating time management and a cupboard filled with Tupperware is quite a good analogy. Here’s my logic…

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. Regardless of how busy you are, how full you cram your day, you still get 24. So, picture this…you’ve got a bunch of pieces of Tupperware with lids that match. The containers are all different sizes. Some are small dressing-sized pieces and others fit a cup or two of salad or soup. There are sandwich-sized containers too. You even get a big one that you’d fill with chocolate chip cookies to bring to the office. Each piece relates to something you have to or get to do in a day. The big, chocolate chip cookie size could resemble the hours you use for sleep. The sandwich size may be tasks you need to do like take the kids to school or clean the bathroom or attend a meeting at work. You get the idea.

So, how does Tupperware and time management relate you ask? See the picture above? This is what my cupboard looks like and this is how my day feels. Cluttered and chaotic. I know I’ve got all these things to do but I don’t always think about how I am going to fit them in. When I need a piece of Tupperware, I have to search in the cupboard for the right size and lid that fits. Pieces usually end up falling out of the cupboard onto the floor. My dog tries to steal them when I am digging in the cupboard.

If I had all of the pieces organized and stacked by size I would know exactly what was in there and where the lids were. The same goes with the hours in my day. I know what I have to get done, but sometimes I don’t know where to start. Some things are a given, like getting ready for work and commuting. I know when those things need to happen. I pretty much know when I need to go to sleep, but sometimes push that off so I don’t get enough. The other things, though, are a free for all sometimes.

If I organized my day with the same thinking as the cupboard, I would know how all of my tasks and To Dos fit together. I would be able to check them off as I do them and I wouldn’t feel pressure that I don’t have enough time to get them done. The key is to be realistic. You have to figure out how long things take to know how they’ll fit. Some things will have to be moved to the next day. Some little things may fit in nooks and crannies of other tasks.

By organizing your day, like you will get to see everything in its place. You will help reduce stress because you will know you can get things done. Try it. It will help. Just make sure you don’t try to fit so much in that everything will come tumbling out when you open the cupboard door.

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