Consistency is key

Doing the same thing over and over, even it if is small, can result in big changes. Think about water running over rocks. Water on its own seems harmless. Rocks on their own seem hard and unpenetrable. However, we all know how powerful water can be if it flows over rocks consistently. Over time, the water will wear the rocks away and carve a path that it wants to follow. Just look at the Grand Canyon for your proof.

The same premise can be used for anything in your life. If you do something consistently, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, it can add up to something big. I have a friend that decided to save all the $5 bills she received as change for a year. She didn’t notice it much when she took the bills out of her wallet and placed them in the jar she created. She sure did notice it at the end of the year. She ended up with over $750 that she used for fun. Her consistency in not using $5 bills definitely paid off. Similarly, I’ve seen bartenders at a ski resort put all of their change from tips in a jar and at the end of ski season they use that money to go on vacation. Consistently saving adds up. Just imagine a vacation that seems to be free because it is paid with money that you didn’t even realize you had.

Results from consistent actions doesn’t just work for money. It can also work for your health. Just think how good you’d feel if you made a consistent effort for 30 days to do something healthy. You could make sure that you drink 100 oz of water each day. You could make sure that you went to bed before midnight every night. You could make sure that you walk 10,000 steps every day. If you weren’t doing those things consistently before and you did them for 30 days straight, I guarantee you’d feel better.

Consistent action could also work for your business. Maybe you are trying to increase your social media presence but you are only posting here and there. If you put in a consistent effort of posting every day for 30 days you would get the attention of a lot more people because they would see your posts more often. It might not increase your sales, but it just might.

Why not give it a try? Why not set some goals to be consistent for 30 days and see where that leads you? You don’t have to start big. Maybe it is just eating breakfast every day. Maybe it is flossing. Something small can make you feel better and at the end of the day you’ll feel like you accomplished something because you can check off a goal.

Take action!

Download my goal PDF to track your own goals. Consistency is Key goal tracker

You can also take it a step further and join the private Consistency is Key Facebook group. We are starting a 30-day consistency challeng starting on August 1. The objective of the group is to act as support and accountability. Just click on the link and I will add you to the group. I find that if I am putting my intentions out there for others to see I am more apt to follow through because I don’t want to let people down. Come and join the Facebook group and other people will be cheering you on. No matter what your consistency goals are, you can use a couple of cheerleaders.

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