Diffuser of the day: Citrus Lime

It is amazing what a couple of drops of essential oils and some water can do to your house. Right now my house smells like a combination of vacation and a darn good margarita. I am diffusing 3 drops of Citrus Fresh and 3 drops of Lime essential oils. That’s it. Yummy!

When I first got my Premium Starter Kit I wasn’t all that excited that it came with a diffuser. I honestly didn’t think I’d use it that much. At first, I didn’t. It just sat in the box waiting for me to figure things out.

The first roller recipes I made were “Sleepy Time” and they had lavender in them. I felt like rolling the concoction on the bottoms of me feet before I went to bed really helped my sleep better. So, after doing that for a couple of nights I decided to check out the effects of putting lavender in my diffuser for bed.

I was hesitant because my husband is extremely smell sensitive. He pretty much hates any kinds of smells unless its garlic and onions or some other kind of cooking smell. He hates fragrances and can’t even be in the same room if I sprayed Febreeze. (I definitely don’t do that any more!) He can’t even handle it if I use Lysol on the floor when mopping. So, needless to say, I was a little hesitant about using a diffuser at bed time.

The lavender oil from Young Living is beautiful. I have heard people complain about not being able to stand the smell of lavender from some other oil companies and when they smell the Young Living oil they are amazed. Because I thought lavender smelled really nice I gave it a shot. There were no complaints. My husband didn’t say a thing. He didn’t admit to it, but I think he slept better than normal.

Since I started using the diffuser at night I have tried a bunch of different combinations. Some nights I combine Stress Away, Lavender and Frankincense. It smells heavenly.

I now have two diffusers that I use on a routine basis. During the day, I will diffuse different blends for different reasons. Today, like I said earlier, I am diffusing Lime and Citrus Fresh. It is a fresh, invigorating smell that makes me want to sit on the beach. If I want to make my house smell a bit fresher I will diffuse lemon, purification and peppermint. If I’m not feeling all that great before going to bed I will diffuse RC and Lemon.

There are so many ways you can combine the oils to get different results. The oils can help your house smell better, perk up your day, or help you at night. Some nights I am so excited to see what the combination of oils is going to smell like that I can’t wait to go to bed.

If you haven’t tried diffusing oils, I really recommend you do. It is an easy way to get started with them and you can make your house smell fresher without using any of those chemical sprays.

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