Make it yours

I attended a “Make and Take” on Friday night where we made five different items using essential oils and a couple of other ingredients. It was a really fun event. What was even more fun was making stuff that I could bring home and put in my bathroom cabinet and cleaning cupboard to use every day.

We made face wipes, household cleaning solution, bug spray to keep the pesky mosquitoes away, foaming hand soap and a roller for tired muscles. All of these things are simple to make and have ingredients in them that I know. It is such a refreshing feeling to use products that you know don’t have a ton of chemicals in them. Do we really know what those chemicals do to our bodies anyway?

People talk about how we should “eat clean” because processed foods aren’t good for us. What about “use clean”? Is that a thing? I think it should be. I think you should try to refrain from using things with a ton of chemicals in them that were made in a lab. If you know what the ingredients are then I think your body will be better off when you use them in and on your body and in your house.

If anyone wants the recipes for the items that I made at the Make and Take, send me a comment and I will send you the recipe.

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